Impact measurement

Measuring the impact of your organization


Impact Enterprises as a force for good


We believe if you’re trying to measure the impact of an organisation, of an entity, you have to look at the whole. (governance, social en environmental aspect, transparency and accountability).

An organisation has a huge array of impacts, and you cannot exclusively focus on one attribute. We are promoting the use of The B Impact Assessment to evaluates the whole.  It’s free and there are now 152 different versions of the assessment customized by size, location and industry sectors.

Organisation (public or private) boards and executives need to increase the velocity and depth at which they engage sustainable issues. They need to get more fully educated, adopt standards, and build more of a sustainability mindset into their management practices and organisation cultures.

Employees, customers, suppliers and other stakeholders like investors expect alignment between a strategic focus on sustainability, and all the other behaviors of an organisation that make up its culture.

Leaders should also set aggressive targets—even if they don’t yet know how they will achieve them. Now is an exciting time of unprecedented progress in the area of measuring  sustainability. It’s evident that we are moving rapidly towards a future with more standardization. In the same way that financial accounting and reporting have become standardized, the same will increasingly happen with sustainability.


Business Models Are In Constant Flux


From starting-up through scaling, High-impact enterprise are constantly redesigning their business models to increase their financial stability, efficiency and ultimate impact.

Building on our experiences of impact enterprise business models, we help you on the best ways to navigate the redesign process. Successful change is less about new funding strategies than about core operating decisions.

Operations will drive the funding needs and opportunities. And these business model choices will in the end determine scalability, enhancing or limiting the potential for widespread impact.