The contribution of Codethic in Accelerate 2030


Geneva, 16.09.2016

With the invite: ‘You’re working on making the world a better place?’ the United Nations Development Programme (UNDP) and the Impact Hub Network have partnered to identify, support and promote the best impact driven ventures that focus on tackling the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) around the world in a collaboration called Accelerate2030.

After passing through a jury selection according to certain criteria (innovation, sustainability, team, potential for scaling, as well as the socio-economic and environmental impact) the top five entrepreneurs will have the chance to participate in the Social Good Summit in Geneva on October 6th 2016.  The international jury in Geneva included Artak Melkonyan (UNDP), Corinne Namblard (UNECE), Jonathan Normand (Codethic), Katherine Milligan (Schwab Foundation for Social Entrepreneurship) and Mukul Kumar (Impact Hub Geneva).

The five finalists chosen by the jury are:

Agruppa (Colombia) : mobile technology

Dasaran Educational Program (Armenia): education & technology

Diseclar (Colombia): waste management

Ignitia (Ghana): technology & farming

ProtERA Farms (Mali):  food

The finalists will showcase their initiatives to the right audience (impact investors, international organizations and experts), pair up with strategic partners and be exposed to the media.  All ventures nominated at national level will additionally receive an invitation to the conference Impact Investment and International Development Organizations (IIIDO) hosted by UNDP and INSEAD Social Entrepreneurship Initiative in  Armenia in March 2017.

Codethic, a consulting firm, expert in the transformation of business models through innovation and participatory governance to achieve impact driven strategies, is partnering with UNDP and the Impact Hub for this initiative, as an implementation partner, in jury selection, and running an impact measurement bootcamp for the finalist ventures prior the Social Good Summit.

Jonathan Normand (CEO, Codethic): « To solve the world’s biggest problems, we need inter-disciplinary approaches and inter-sector collaboration. By their very nature, social entrepreneurs draw ideas from diverse fields and have a healthy disrespect for traditional and sector boundaries. Their willingness to question assumptions, to ask ‘why not?’ and transpose solutions from one realm to another, is worth accelerating and scaling up »

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