5 Swiss companies receive an international distinction – Best for the World

Press Release

Geneva,  12.09.2016

After being part in 2015 of the first Swiss companies to receive the B Corp label,  5 Swiss companies are awarded today an international distinction as Best for the World B Corporation . (Discover at the end of the article who they are)


The 5 Swiss companies, representing very different sectors, between Geneva and Zurich, have been selected and especially rewarded for their global business model and societal practices in several categories.

The B Corp certification,  attributed after a quite rigorous exam procedure (the B Impact Assessment), the B Corp label gathers more than 1860 companies in  51 countries and 131 sectors : they all have in common the redefinition of business to create a positive impact for the society and the environment.

The B Impact Assessment takes into account the company’s impact in all dimensions: its governance, its employees, its community, its clients and the environment. The companies awarded as Best for the World are the ones whose score for one of the dimensions of the B Impact Assessment places them within the top 10% of the 1865 B Corporations.

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Please contact Codethic to find out more about the free tool of impact evaluation, the certification or the movement BCORP in Switzerland.  For any additional information, contact :






« Acting for society’s good is an integral part of our DNA, being part of the B Corp community was obvious. The more we are to act for the good of the community, the more impact and power we will have to change the world». Patrick Vieljeux, co- founder CauseDirect.

Causedirect is an internet platform of social engagement destined to permit to company employees to give a meaning to their job and their life by supporting projects with a big impact, and organizing campaigns to raise funds, or by volunteering or by sponsoring their competences for the same projects. The platform adresses students as well as employees.

Causedirect is the first platform of participative funding online integrating a matching contribution tool to carefully selected projects with regards to their impact which promotes funding in a more efficient and less costly way.

Thanks to this platform, Causedirect helps companies on their social commitment while providing maximum audience for the projects they support.


“I am convinced that our economic transition can not be achieved without recognizing the importance of emotional intelligence, benevolence and ethics in defining the objectives of a company. The B Corp certification process offers a variety of performance parameters that recognize this importance. It is an indispensable tool for any entrepreneur who wants to actively participate in building a more just economic world, more harmonious, more respectful of the Human and Nature”. Sofia de Meyer, founder of the Opaline Factory.


OPALINE offers a range of 100% natural fruit juice, made exclusively from fruit and vegetables. Its primary objective is the enhancement of the Swiss agricultural heritage, sharing the flavors of nature and respect for the work of those who work daily to make this sharing possible. Its vision: to connect the Human Nature and the Nature for it to make sense of its business. In practice everyday, this vision is reflected in the construction of respectful human relationships with market gardeners and all grocers, cafe and restaurant owners, applying a benevolent governance within the company that aims to replace the hierarchy with the sharing of talents and values, the opening of the company’s capital to all team members without minimum investment, the production of its products on a line provided by solar energy, distribution of its products in the domestic market and the development of tools for sharing the profit generated with the greatest number of people.


Globalance Bank responds to the client needs of today by re-establishing a connection with the real economy and offering transparency on all fees and the impact of one’s investments. Showing precisely where clients’ money is at work and disclosing all risks associated with a given investment; an explaining to clients the impact their money is having – on the economy, society, and the environment.

As the first bank in the world to do so, Globalance Bank has developed an instrument for that purpose, one that creates transparency: the Globalance Footprint.

This visionary investment compass gives investors insight, foresight and a sense of security.


« We are very proud of this recognition from the BCorp community. It proves that we are in the right path to reach our objective to become a model organization and it motivates us more than ever. The BCorp movement is an extraordinary chance for the entrepreunerial world to be part of the only dynamic that makes sense: participate actively in the improvement of societal and environemental indicators of our communities.» Chritophe Barman, CEO & Co-founder Loyco SA.

Loyco offers consulting and insurance expert services in outsourcing, human resources, accounting, taxation and risk management that are based on patented experts and an innovative IT solution.

Loyco leads and develops its activities while being a model of participatory and accountable organization, by social, environmental and economic commitments.

«Having the chance to join this movement, but mostly the companies that comprise it is an honor. Being every day near inspiring leaders that work for the inclusive economy is an endless source of inspiration and motivation ». Jonathan Normand, CEO codethic, B Lab Europe country partner.

Codethic gives to organizations of all types and sizes the orientations and the expertise that they need to consolidate their strategies and their positive impact in their sphere of influence.

Codethic has developed innovative methods to accompany organizations to consolidate or transform their business model through innovation and participatory governance practices.

Experienced in consulting of any size company, Codethic is also active in impact investment, to allow the financing of organizations promoting an inclusive economy.

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