25 of May – the B Day Switzerland

What an enlightening day, Codethic, Switzerland Country Partner of B Lab Europe has brought 150 peoples during the 2nd local BCorp annual forum in Switzerland. It was extremely inspiring to see how people’s need to connect to good. It goes without saying that the connection among those pioneers in positive economy was extremely smooth and powerful as they all share the same purpose driven business values.

As Mr Jonathan Normand the organizer of this transformative experience and Codethic CEO said in his keynote « Good business is not a nice to have anymore but a necessity, let’s design the new resilient economy that benefit to all. We should innovate together to make the purpose a key driver of any business model.» a inspiring experience that bring all regional BCorp to share view and practices for a better world.


Launch of the 4 PURPOSE LAB academy the same day

Switzerland had a B-day on the 25th of May. Codethic and Euforia join forces to bring 45 amazing changemakers in the same room to design the future of a new academy (4 purpose Lab).

We ask them to identify key drivers and best practices that BCorp, Social enterprise and business care most about to bring more purpose and best practices into any organisation. What a great energy. It was an unbelievable opportunity to harness the energy of entrepreneurs who are really focused on balancing profit with social benefit and who want to give back at the same time. This first step initiate a series of workshop to help purpose driven leaders to unleash their changemaker potential.



More to come at the EU Bcorp Summit in Roma, June the 30.


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